Cats on Fire, with I Am The White-Mantled King.  

Videos here and here.

The Decemberists on Conan: We Both Go Down Together.

Bonanza!, by The Lorne Greene.

Tango Funèbre, by Jacques Brel.

Scott Walker: Jackie.  Godlike powers at work.

Composition by Jacques Brel.

The Jim Nabors takes a swing at Oh, Babe, What Would You Say.

Hurricane Smith with Oh, Babe, What Would You Say.

It Never Rains in Southern California, by Albert Hammond.

Walter Zwol: Cheerleader.  Perhaps the 3rd or 4th most brave accomplishment by this great man.

More Zwol here.

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The Invisible Man, by The Elvis Costello.

Mouth Almighty, by The Elvis Costello.

Flowers of Romance, by Public Image Ltd.


"There He Is Again", from Blacula. Performed by The Hues Corporation.

Nicky, by Momus. A Brel interpretation.

It’s Howdy Doody Time, by the great Lester Bowie.