The wondrous Pretty Bird, by The Roger Whittaker.

Once again boldly and cavalierly scoffing at ordinances prohibiting whistling, here is The Roger Whittaker: Mexican Whistler.

Alternate version {unplugged!} and much more here.

When suddenly……..Emily, by Roger Whittaker.

He’s Misstra Know-It-All, by The Stevie Wonder.

John Coltrane, I Want to Talk About You. {Live}

For the sake of history: Love of the Common People {extended}, by The Paul Young.

Young Men, live by The Suede.

That’s right. Love of the Common People, by The Paul Young.

Damn the torpedoes! Everytime You Go Away, by The Paul Young.

Flowers Pluck Themselves, by Krystall Klear and The Buells.

Featuring the great Marty Krystall on tenor sax.

Neighborhood Bully, by The Bob Dylan.

More Bob over at ArgotSpeak.

Bitter Fingers, by The Elton John.

Grey Seal, by The Elton John.

Sunny, by Bobby Hebb.

The great Dusty Springfield performs Sunny.